Why do Bad things happen to Good people?

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It doesn’t make any sense. Couldn’t God have prevented this? Why does a good God allow these things to happen?

When bad things happen it often leaves us asking “Why?” It may leave us angry, confused and feeling defeated with questions there are seemingly no answers to. It’s especially difficult when it happens to the good people we know.

Maybe you’ve been around a child who kept asking you the same thing—“Why?” Children are filled with questions, and we don’t always have the answers. The same is true for this question. We can only see a portion of the answer; the Bible says, “The secret things belong to the Lord” (Deuteronomy 29:29).

But there’s one thing we can know for sure: Even in the midst of chaos, God’s love for us is constant.

He loves you more than words can describe. It’s a love so deep we can’t even grasp it—a holy love beyond human measure. And because of that love, He wants to bring you peace in the bad times and comfort during even the most terrible experiences.

God is a just, merciful and loving God who gives us free will. We tend to think of ourselves as good people but the truth is that we sin and rebel against Him. This is how evil and suffering entered our world.

Our sin takes our peace away. We often think peace is the absence of problems, but peace is the presence of Jesus. Once we believe God is in control, our response to bad things is completely different.

God hasn’t forgotten you or left you to deal with the bad things by yourself. That’s why He sent Jesus Christ to earth for us—to break the barrier sin has created between us and God, and provide a way for us to be in relationship with Him.

You may not understand everything now, and there are no guarantees—except this: that God wants to be with you. Not just today but for eternity. By Billy Graham


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