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What makes Christmas So Special? and Why is it Celebrated Around the World?

Christmas is one of the world’s most popular festivals and people eagerly wait to celebrate it with great fervour and enthusiasm every year.

Why do we celebrate Christmas?

Christmas reminds us that this is a holiday all about the birth of Christ. We do not know the exact day Jesus was born. But more important than ‘how Jesus was born?’ is, ‘why Jesus was born?’ – the answer, to bring His people back into relationship with God and to remove all the sins that keep them apart.

Who is Santa Claus?

When we think of great people of faith in the history of the Church, we can think of Saint Nicholas – Santa Claus! Santa Claus’s real name was Saint Nicholas, and he was a Christian bishop who lived in Germany. Saint Nicholas was very wealthy, but he did not keep his money for himself! He gave it away to people who needed it. Jesus calls us to do the same thing. He tells us to take care for the poor and to not focus on our own material possessions. Is there a better time than Christmas to focus on giving rather than receiving?


So, Christmas is a time to cheer and enjoy your time with family and friends as another year draws to a close and the whole world celebrates the birth of Christ. Let us praise God for His faithfulness through all time and for His plan to rescue us from sin.

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