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Living the YOLO life these days?

With a “you only live once” attitude, actions that would have brought about, at best, disapproval can now be justified with one simple acronym. Will this wild party leave you hungover at work in the morning? Maybe, but YOLO! Is shoplifting a tub of ice cream going to end well? Probably not, but YOLO! Some might argue that Solomon promoted a brand of “YOLO” in Ecclesiastes 8:15.

If you read this verse in context, we can see that Solomon is basically saying, “We should be thankful for our lot in life, whatever it is. We should eat our food, drink our wine, and be happy.” In other words, embracing joy when we have it is good, but we should not indulge in it forever.

 Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young

Young people are in search of their own role models, but as this quote notes, it’s important for youngsters to start building themselves up as someone worth admiring by others. Having faith, being pure and loving people is what can help you be someone to admire. Timothy 4:12

It’s possible to tackle even the most intimidating of foes

From the story of David and Goliath, where the little tyke and youngster David slayed the giant Goliath. It shows that no matter the size or strength, you can tackle the most intimidating of foes. Samuel 17:42

 Facing Challenges?

So many concerns are heavy on our hearts: interactions with other guys and girls, school pressures, school or relationship drama, feelings of insecurity, and worries about the future. Remember you don’t have to figure everything out yourself. God is there for you. He wants to help guide your decisions now and always. James 1:5

Are you feeling anxious about all the decisions life holds?

Discover the peace of God today.



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