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What does it take to begin a relationship with God? These principles will explain how you can personally begin a relationship with God, right now, through Jesus Christ.


Watch this viral (4 minute) video about LIFE, DEATH, and the LOVE of a Savior. By the end of this short film, your faith will grow stronger. Afterward, you will receive a free special resource for continuing your spiritual journey.


This online course "WhyJesus?" discovers more about who Jesus was. But especially what significance  he still has today for the world. And also for you personally.


The GETTING STARTED series will help you take your first steps in your relationship with God. It goes through four topics that are important to understand as you walking with God.


How do you grow in your relationship with God? The GROWING WITH GOD series helps you learn four main components of a great, lifelong relationship with God.


The Holy Spirit isn't just a ghost or a mystical power. He is God that lives inside of you and He can give you power to live the Christian life if you let Him.


Forgiveness. A beautiful word. Or a complicated word. This Course helps you to understand forgiveness.

Introduction to E-Coaching

Are you wondering how you can effectively use the Internet to share the Gospel? Do you have online friends you would like to bring to Jesus? The course "Sharing Gospel Online" will help you prepare for it!

How to use the Jesus Film Project App


You don't need to speak another language to reach someone's heart. The smartphone app will help you share Jesus in more than 1,800 languages.

The Mentor Ministry

Are you looking for more joy in your walk with God? Do you have a desire to share the compassion and message of Christ with others without preaching at them? Mentoring gives you an easy, safe, and anonymous way to learn how to journey with hurting people and to share the gospel as the Holy Spirit leads. You can discover the joy of helping people know Jesus!

Take The Biscuit Challenge


Many of us would like to see our colleagues know and follow Jesus but are not sure how to help them on their journey of faith. The Take The Biscuit Challenge is designed to help you see what you could do (and perhaps are already doing) to help others take steps towards Jesus, and ultimately follow Him.


Check out the apps and tools that help you connect the people you care about to God. Each app is unique, so no matter the person or situation, one of these apps will help you share the love of Jesus — as long as you have your phone!

Bursting Your Bubble


“I was obsessed with being a size 0.  That is all I could think about.  That is all I wanted, but at the same time, this door was opened in my life to major food addiction,” Becky Jasinksi says. Her mother Pam Stewart recalls, “It’s like the shame disease.  People know about alcohol, and they…

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The Storm

In a world full of uncertainty, we have much to fear. Whether it is illness, economic turmoil or death itself, life can be extremely intimidating. As storms rage, we must trust the One who is greater than our fears.

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Why I have HOPE

During a storm, hope for the future is a feeling that is very hard to grasp or understand. This world has become so dark and Godless, that having hope for anything is very difficult to comprehend. There is however good news.

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Hurt people hurt people.

Molested as a child, Jonathan grew up angry. He took that anger out on everyone, especially people of colour. This all changed when he came face to face with unconditional love.

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The Lifesaver

Inspired by true events, this is the compelling story of Vuyo Puza who, as a young boy, always wanted to become a lifesaver. That dream is sabotaged by Vuyo himself after he chooses, in his teenage years, to pursue a life of crime and violence. While incarcerated, Vuyo is initiated into the gang life where…

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Sbu – My Story

The story of Sbu, a young man who grew up thinking he understood the cultural norms he was born into, but only when he was challenged on these beliefs did he realize he was missing the point completely.

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Thank God I Went to Prison

The powerful story of a young woman who grew up in a world of abuse, prostitution, drugs and HIV.

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Ernest Malenga – Inherited Culture

Often the most difficult people to reach with the gospel are “Cultural Christians”, those who have never had a personal encounter with Jesus, but believe they are Christians anyway because their parents are Christian.

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Dillion Smith – From Drugs To Jesus

Dillon was a teenage drug addict who literally hated his own mother. Love and acceptance were missing from Dillon’s childhood, so he sought refuge in all the wrong places through drugs and crime. At his lowest point, he found true refuge in Jesus.

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It is difficult for people to know themselves. It’s often easier to understand the world around you, right? But knowing yourself is understanding the greatness of the Creator. And look. Stand in front of a mirror. Look closely. Smile. Pull a face. Yes, that’s you. Please smile back at that…

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The cross is the most well-known symbol for Christians. It’s the symbol of the horrible death of Jesus Christ. But that’s not all. The New Testament tells the story of Jesus. He was preaching and teaching for a few years. Many people liked him, but also a lot of people hated…

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It is perhaps the most famous psalm in the Bible: Psalm 23 about ‘The LORD is my shepherd …‘. It is not surprising that the famous king David talks about this. After all, he himself was once a shepherd. So he could well imagine that role of being a shepherd.…

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