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Imagine…you’re invited to a wedding. The celebration is in full swing when…the wine runs out. Then, finally, other bottles are made available to the guests. And then…surprise! The wine is much better than at the beginning of the dinner. You immediately notice the superior quality of this beverage…Yet, at this point in the evening, a cheaper wine would’ve been enough…Does this remind you of anything? The wedding at Cana, of course! (You can read this story in the Bible in John 2:1-11.)

When God wants to bless His children, He doesn’t do things halfway. He does not limit His generosity, as the Bible attests: “…The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.” (See Psalm 84:11, NLT)

You see, if you walk in integrity, or honesty, God will withhold no good thing from you! Anything you ask of Him, He will do it. (see John 14:13) So, imagine for a moment when you’ll be with Him in heaven. You will have the crème de la crème of all His wealth…in other words, the best of the best!

Yes, in heaven, everything will be of highest quality, perfect, and you’ll be able to relish everything offered to you. Because He loves you infinitely, God wants to give you the best He has.

  • You’ll enjoy all the attention that He’ll bestow upon you,
  • You’ll find His love in every dish, in every bite,
  • You’ll savor His company, enjoying beautiful discussions with Him.

However, a part of heaven is already available to you! Yes, today, God is inviting you to taste His riches and sit at His table. He’s attentive, quick to respond to your hunger and thirst for Him. Listen to everything He has to say to you right now…everything He says is good for your spirit, your soul, and your body.

Bon appétit at the King of King’s table!

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