God changes lives. These people below are a living testimony of His love and goodness. Discover their stories, sometimes touching and moving, sometimes funny or hard, but always with a common and amazing issue!


The Storm

In a world full of uncertainty, we have much to fear. Whether it is illness, economic turmoil or death itself,…

Why I have HOPE

During a storm, hope for the future is a feeling that is very hard to grasp or understand. This world…

Hurt people hurt people.

Molested as a child, Jonathan grew up angry. He took that anger out on everyone, especially people of colour. This…

The Lifesaver

Inspired by true events, this is the compelling story of Vuyo Puza who, as a young boy, always wanted to…

Sbu – My Story

The story of Sbu, a young man who grew up thinking he understood the cultural norms he was born into,…

Thank God I Went to Prison

The powerful story of a young woman who grew up in a world of abuse, prostitution, drugs and HIV.

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