Bursting Your Bubble

Christians have their own set of expectations, culture and language. Too often, this becomes a hindrance to building relationships with anyone not familiar with our way of thinking.  However, Jesus called us to get outside of our circle of comfort in order to engage a world that desperately needs Him.

Do you know how to engage people in spiritual conversations? Have you developed your life story and shared it? Do you know how to lead someone to Christ and follow them up? If not, then it’s time to Burst your Bubble!

Bursting your Bubble: A Relationship Revolution is a small group training series. It was designed and developed for men and women in the marketplace who both needed, and wanted, to be equipped to engage their friends and colleagues in spiritual conversations. The series has been well received by groups in Canada and worldwide.

The seven-week series covers the following topics.

  • Discover the Spirit-filled life:  The power source for effective ministry.
  • The Pack, the Parrot & the Pass: Keys to great conversations.
  • Your Life Story:  A two-part section focused upon discovering and developing your personal journey of faith in a way that will engage anyone who listens.
  • The Seven Laws of Relational Impact: Principles for communicating the gospel.
  • The Final 10% – Leading Someone to Christ: Learn how to share the gospel message itself.
  • Follow-up: How to help a new Christian grow in their relationship with Christ.

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