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The apostle Paul offers us an opportunity to look at our suffering and wounds through different, new eyes:

“Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later.(see the Bible, Romans 8:18, NLT)

  • When your suffering goes beyond what you can bear,
  • When it makes you doubt His love,
  • When you don’t understand the reason for it.

God is reminding you here that the glory awaiting you in heaven is incomparable it will erase the memory of your suffering. This glory is extraordinary, and it’s reserved for “the one who overcomes,” as the apostle John explains to us in the book of Revelation.

It’s not over…God also wants to use you as a powerful instrument of blessing.

You see, I believe that the most life-giving messages are often found in the deepest suffering. I believe that God can use your past and present wounds to heal people around you today.

Trust God first and foremost. He knows what He’s doing. You may only see the suffering of the present moment, but He holds the big picture of your whole life in His hand.

What made you suffer yesterday can bring encouragement today to someone who desperately needs it.

What’s still hurting today can become a real source of comfort and support tomorrow to someone overwhelmed by distress.

You may no longer see your wounds the same way, now that you know they may help others…for God’s glory.

Be attentive today encourage someone who is suffering!

Have a blessed day!

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