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Guilt is a powerful emotion. It may feel like it’s eating at your stomach. That regret gets a foothold in your mind and seems like it won’t let go. At times, it’s almost unbearable. You try to avoid it and push it out, but it lingers and you just feel worse.

The problem is not your guilty feelings. Your guilt is kind of like a medical thermometer that tells you something is wrong. It’s a tool used to identify a problem. Guilt occurs when you have done something wrong and you need God’s forgiveness. No matter how much you hide or suppress your guilt feelings, you still are guilty of doing wrong and you need to deal with the cause.

God made this world so some things are morally right and other things are wrong. When we go against His rules for living, we are guilty of breaking His laws. God made us with a conscience so that when we do wrong, we know it and can sense it. This is one of many attributes that separate us from plants and animals.

Why did God make us so we would have feelings of guilt when we disobey Him? One reason is so we would realize we need Him. When you put your hand on a hot surface you immediately feel pain. God gave you the ability to experience that pain so you would move your hand and not hurt yourself.

Guilt is similar. It is a type of “pain” that God gives us when we sin. We realize what we are doing is not only wrong but it will hurt us. Its purpose is to drive us from sin and help us realize we need God.

Have you ever faced your own need for God? You need His forgiveness for your sins. This is why God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ. On the cross, Christ took upon Himself the burden you are now carrying—the burden of sin, guilt and shame. The Bible says, “He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed” (1 Peter 2:24). By Billy Graham

There’s no greater joy than knowing your sins are forgiven and being released from your feelings of guilt.

Open your heart to Christ today.

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