7 Spiritual Habits that Will Improve Your Life

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We all have bad habits in our lives. Oversleeping, smoking, nail biting, selfishness, worrying, overeating, complaining, procrastinating, negative self-talk….

Have you ever noticed the more you try not to do something the more you find yourself doing it? Sometimes when we try to break those bad habits we end up focusing too much attention on them.

What if those bad habits were replaced with spiritual habits? It’s worth a try; don’t you think?

Start today by focusing on at least one of these 7 spiritual habits that can improve your life:

1. Talk to God before Your Feet Hit the Floor

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I’ve had a lifelong battle with depression and anxiety. For me, it strikes hardest first thing in the morning. Is it the same for you? Maybe you’ve unintentionally gotten in the habit of allowing anxious thoughts to set up shop in your mind the very moment your eyes open.

Instead of allowing those negative thoughts to fill your mind and heart with fear and sap you of energy, you can abruptly stop the thoughts and enter into a state of prayer and praise.

Replace that unhealthy practice with the healthy habit of offering up praises to Him for a safe night’s rest, asking Him to calm your mind and heart, and thanking Him in advance for providing you the stamina, protection, and grace to get through all the day’s demands.

The habit of whispering up prayer and praise to Him before even getting out of bed will fill you with a sense of calmness and expectancy for the day ahead.

By Renee Davis


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