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6. Be a Blessing to Someone Else

We all go through periods in life when it seems the whole world is against us, nothing is working out the way we thought it would, and it’s hard for us to believe God is really working in the background. Right?

When this happens, it’s quite easy to develop the habit of thinking defeated thoughts and feeling sorry for ourselves. Before we know it, we’ve become totally consumed only with what’s going on in our little world. Maybe we even become closed off.

Before you find yourself trapped in the habit of self-centered defeat and despair, take your mind off of your own troubles by being a blessing to someone else.

Focus on a new pattern of behavior: When you see a need, fill it. Why? Because you’re never more like Jesus than when you’re ministering to someone else, especially when you’re in so much pain yourself. And when you put others first and play a role in touching someone’s life, no matter how small, you’re exhibiting Kingdom-mindedness and breaking the habit of being consumed with yourself.

Ministering to others will bring you joy and give Him glory.

The habit of looking for ways to make a difference in someone’s life brings us joy, honors God, and gets our mind off of our own troubles. 

By Renee Davis

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